WoW Price List 2023


 We offer a wide range of exciting activities:

Rent and Buy. E-foil, SUP, Surf, Kayak, SurfFoil, SUPFoil, WingSUP, Wingfoil and WingSkate.

Our goal is to help you master the skills and take your experiences to the next level. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you can be sure that our experienced and skilled instructors will give you the best opportunity to explore and challenge yourself on the water and in the forest. Then join us on an unforgettable journey and create memories for life with a WoWsurf Experience.

Rent and Buy

With us, you can rent different types of water sports equipment, and if you decide to buy after renting, the rent is completely free!

With our equipment you get both fun and exercise in beautiful surroundings. We have both inflatable and hard boards of very good quality available. When you rent from us, a board, paddle and life jacket are included.

Rental options

A single kayak:

  • 1 hour: DKK 150.
  • 2 hours: DKK 250.
  • All day (10am-5pm): DKK 450.

A double kayak:

  • 1 hour: DKK 250.
  • 2 hours: DKK 350.
  • All day (10am-5pm): DKK 500.

Boards and SUPs:

  • 1 hour: DKK 200.
  • 2 hours: DKK 300.
  • All day (10am-5pm): DKK 500.


  • Only one Wing:
    • 2 hours: DKK 350.
    • 1 day: DKK 500 to DKK 700.

Wing-Foil Combo:

  • 2 hours: DKK 400 (50% Carbonfive) or DKK 550 (100% Carbonfive)
  • 1 day: DKK 800 (50% Carbonfive) or DKK 1,000 (100% Carbonfive)

If you want to rent a wetsuit, it can be added to your order for just DKK 50 per person. suit.

Booking and contact

If you have questions or would like to book, you can call us on tel.: 42988551 (Narayana) / 26792407 (Julie). The rented equipment can be picked up in Naturrum Tisvildeleje Strand, at the end of the car park.

So come and try our various water sports equipment today and experience a fantastic day on the water!

Booking policy

Liability in case of damage: All traffic in the forest (MTB) or on the water (E-foil, Wings, Surffoil, SUP, Surf, Skate & Kayak) is at your own risk, and it is at no time possible to seek compensation for damage occurred during travel.

Material damage to the rented equipment: Should the equipment be damaged while using MTB/SUP/Surf/kayak, it is my responsibility to pay for the parts that may break. I have reviewed the equipment and am sure that there are no faults or defects at the start of the rental.

Theft: In the event of theft, I have been made aware that I am liable for compensation, via my own insurance or personally.

Cancellation: If you are forced to cancel the experience, you can get your money back if it is within 3 or more days before the rental/event. If it is within 2 days before the event, the money will not be returned.


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