WoWSurf Experience in Tisvildeleje

Our mission is to spread the art of surfing in all its forms

Are you ready to be "bitten" by Surf, SUP, MTB, E-foil, SupFoil, SurfFoil, WingSUP and WingSkate.

NOTE: From July 10 to July 26, 2023, we are based at Stejlepladsen, Hovedgaden 110, Tisvildeleje Strand☀️

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Do you want to give a unique experience to a water sports enthusiast? With the WoWsurf gift card, they can choose between courses in E-foil, SUP, Surf, WingSUP and Wingskate as well as all the equipment they need for a fun day on the water. The WoWsurf gift card is the perfect gift that never goes out of style. Buy now and give a WoW experience!

Feel welcome to call us at: +45 42988551 (Narayana) or +45 26792407 (Julie)


WoWsurf - E-FOIL - Demo

WoWsurf Black & Silver Leggings

Her kan du købe en Lift e-Foil, den ultimative vandsports oplevelse for dig og din familie

  • Team WoWsurf present: "Fly above water" and much more...

    Come to Tisvildeleje beach and visit us. Here you can e.g. try Wave Chaser equipment, Armstrong Foils and Takuma's E-foil, SUPWing, WingFoil, SurfFoil, SUPfoil and WingSkate.

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  • Rent a SUP or Surf board

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  • Come and join us for 1 full day on the water...

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