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Let's Fly Above Water on the Takuma E-foil

Let's Fly Above Water on the Takuma E-foil

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Out of season.

Until the 1st of April.

For reservations or questions about E-foil, call our instructors Narayana at +45 42988551 and Julie at +45 26792407 or write us an email at

Come and enjoy the experience of flying on our Takuma E-foil.

The magic carpet with Narayana Monfleur, a soul surfer with more than 25 years of experience on the waves and 2 years Fly above water. She will guide you through the entire process of your E-foil lesson by helping you use our Golden Rules of Fly Technique and Safety.

 Booking policy:

Liability in the event of damage
All traffic in the forest (MTB) or on the water (E-foil, Wings, Surffoil, SUP, Surf, Skate & Kayak) is at your own risk and it is at no time possible to seek compensation for any damage incurred during the trip.

Material damage to the rented equipment:
Should the equipment be damaged when using MTB/E-foil/ Wing/SUP/Surf/ Surffoil/Skate/kayak, it is my responsibility to pay for the parts that may break. I have reviewed the equipment and am sure that there are no faults or deficiencies at the start of the rental.

In case of theft, I have been made aware that I am liable for compensation, via my own insurance or personally

In case of cancellation
If you are forced to cancel the experience, you can get your money back if it is within 3 or more days before the rental/event. If it is within 2 days before the event, money will not be returned.

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