WoWsurfHelp // One Ohana

WoWsurfHelp is a movement created by WoWsurf & Center to support the kids and women on water.

At WoWsurf, we want to make the world a better place for children and their families with economic needs from Venezuela, Dominican Republic and Denmark. 


Our dream is to teach the children the art of surfing and help their families with food boxes to provide them with better nutrition so that they get the best out of their surf training.

With our Workshops Surfcamps and Beach Cleaning Days,
we will be able to change their lives for the better and connect them with our nature and the joy of dancing with the waves. And to give them the opportunity to be the creators of their own athletics and artistic future.

Each sale donate 1kr to support this fabulous movement.

Your purchase of WoWsurf will help make this movement happen and spread the art of surfing.

 WoWsurf One Ohana - Tisvildeleje Strand 2021.

                               Red Barnet -free SUP day! 2021                                 

Thanks for the support                                                                                          




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