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Julie, Livluna & Narayana Monfleur 

We are the Woman on Water. The Surf Ohana behind Cph SUP Tours & WoWsurf Test Center.
We are an Ohana in love with surfing and the culture. We have more than 17 years of experice in competition and Creating surf centers and surf camps to spread the art of surfing and the culture. That is playing with the waves and now we can fly abouth water.
with us you can learn with all this modalities: Bodyboard, Longboard, Shortboard,
SUPs & SUPSurf
WingSUP, WingSK8
E Foil.

Narayana Monfleur, is 37 years old and she is from Margarita Island in Venezuela. She is a Multi surfer a Women on Water she strart to surf when she was 10 years old. She competed professionally for 24 years.When she was 18 she  lived in the Dominican Republic where she started teaching surf and be come a surf coach and with the surf contes she be come one of the pioneer of women's surfing in the Dominican Republic and Denmark. With the mission to reconect you to the ocean. From that moment she met her`s partner and wife Julie Monfleur.
Now together they began to spread the art of surfing with there projects. They created a Surf Mobil Center in Margarita island VZ,  a Surf Camps in Cabarete DR, now they have created a Surf & SUP Test Center in Tisvildeleje DenmarK.
Narayana is also a lifeguard 

Julie Monfleur, is a Woman on the Water and a Girl of the Forest with her MTB Tours in Tisvildeleje Hegn. She is a SUP instructor and a pioneer of women's surfing in Denmark together with her Ohana
Julie also works as a child occupational therapist.

LivLuna Monfleur, is 9 years old. Sine she was 2 years old she do Surf and SUP with her`s moms. she is and love with the beach, the ocean and the forest and she always help her`s moms at the Surf Center.

Together we have a mission with WoWsurfdkHelp to help, support and teach surfing to spread the art of surfing with our surfcamps workshops and donating boxes 📦 of meals for underprivileged children and their families in Venezuela,
Dominican Republic and Denmark.

Are you ready to become passionate about Surf, SUP MTB, SupFoil, SurfFoil, WingSUP or WingSK8? Feel welcome to visit us at Tisvildeleje beach 


Aloha Ohana Monfleur.