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WoWsurf is a surf wear brand and a surf center in Tisvildeleje Beach.     

Created by the Monfleur family (One Ohana) passionate about surfing and surf culture.

Narayana Monfleur, She is 37 years old and has lived in Denmark for 16 years. She is a professional surfer. A woman on water.
from Margarita island Venezuela.
With more than 25 years of experience in national and international surf competitions.
In countries like: Venezuela, Dominican Republic, France, Norway, Portugal and Denmark.                                                                         

She is also a Pool Lifeguard and a Body Fly Instructor and a Wind Tunnel.

She has a passion and that is to reconnect you, with the ocean through surfing.


Julie Monfleur, is 43 years old. She is a SUP instructor a woman on water and a girl of the forest with her's MTB tours in Tisvildeleje Hegn. With more than 7 years of experience. She also works as a child occupational therapist.

LivLuna Monfleur, is 10 years old. Sine she was 2 years old she does Surf and SUP with her moms. she is in love with the beach, the ocean and the forest and she always helps her moms at the Surf Center.

 With WoWsurfHelp we have a mission and that is to support and teach the art of surfing to children without financial resources.  With our surf training, surf camps, workshops, and with the donation of food boxes 📦.
So the children can make their dream of becoming professional surfers come true.

Countries where this movement is possible Venezuela,
Dominican Republic and Denmark.

Are you ready to become passionate about Surf, SUP MTB, SupFoil, SurfFoil, WingSUP or WingSK8 and more


Aloha Ohana Monfleur.